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Bursary Support and Financial Aid

Bursaries are available to qualifying students that are in need of financial assistance and are able to demonstrate academic excellence.

Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements proposed by the Department of Higher Education for admission is from grade 9 (NCV)

Click the following link to view the full article set by the Department of Higher Education on the guidelines for the administration, management and awarding of bursaries to FET College students

Student Support Services

Thomas Rademyer
Lee ann Pullen
Gloria Ndabambi

Campus and Contact Details

Dower Campus
Rensburg street
Tel: 041 481 2171
Fax: 041 481 7111
Iqhayiya Campus
 Iqhayiya street
Tel: 041 401 3800    
Fax: 041 401 3817
Victoria Site
Hirsch Drive
Tel: 041 373 6813    
Fax: 041 374 5321
Russell Road Campus
Russell Road
Tel: 041 585 7771  
Fax: 041 585 5436

Arts and Culture


. Choir
. Poetry
. Drama
. Performing Arts
. Debating
. Dancing

Choir Archievements

The Voice of PE College… a force to be reckoned with!

Port Elizabeth hosted the ECFETSAC choral Music competition at NMMU (Missionvale Campus). Six colleges participated in this event which took place on the weekend of 18 to 19 August 2012.

PE College won awards in the following categories:

  • Solo bass – 2nd position
  • Contralto – 1st position
  • Tenor solo – 1st and 3rd position
  • Double quartet – 1st position
  • Male voice – 1st position
  • Female voice  - 3rd position
  • Vernacular – 3rd position

Our choir has made PE College proud once again!

Meet the Choir




Student Representation Council

Russell Road Campus

Name: Simamnkele Gangca
Campus: RRC
Portfolio: Secretary Correspondence
To me  leadership is not a position but an action planned. I will improve and empower students all the time
Name: Mcebisi Mthathi
Campus: RRC
Portfolio: Minutes Secretary
I will keep record of all meetings and make sure that all the admin work of the SRC is up
to date and up to standard. I am going to play an active part in this organization
Name: Olwethu Sam
Campus: RRC
Portfolio: Public Relations Officer
This Portfolio allows me to assist with organizing events
Name: Bach Motshe
Campus: RRC
Portfolio: Treasurer
I will be involved in monitoring the financial aspect of the SRC. I wish the organization a prosperous financial year

Dower Campus

Name: Siyabulela Sidwell Melana
Campus: Dower
Portfolio: Community liaison officer
My portfolio allows me to create a good communication relationship between the college and the community it represents.
I plan to create an opportunity for students to get involved in charity projects by reaching out to communities. 

Name: Tiga Makhunga
Campus: Dower
Portfolio: Sports Officer
I believe in the talent of Port Elizabeth College therefore my goal is to put sport on the highest level.  Most of all I would like to see all sport codes united.  We will all rise together!!!

Name: Peters Naratham
Campus: Dower
Portfolio: Deputy President
I am here to present students as governed by the institution. My role is to create unity and to bridge the gap between management and students. I will represent and resolve all student issues.

Name: Alrancho Page
Campus: Dower
Portfolio: Hostel and residence
I hope to bring forward any problems regarding res students also to promote a safe and proper home and to improve the general state of the hostels.  My goal is also to create an environment conducive to learning.

Iqhayiya Campus

Name: Ismail
Campus: Iqhayiya
Portfolio: Gender and Equality
My role is to ensure fair treatment of racial and gender issues.  I would like to see more of the fairer sex on the SRC board

Name: Noedo Lwethu Quntana
Campus: Iqhayiya
Portfolio: Arts and Culture  Officer
My wish is to revive the spirits of students to participate and showcase their talents in the various diverse opportunities that may arise.

Name: Sigqibo
Campus: Iqhayiya
Portfolio: Education and Transformation
I would like to see the youth be developed and employed in workplaces that meets their needs.  My portfolio allows me to do research for better education and to ensure that no one is denied the right to education.

Name: Unathi Msuthu
Campus: Iqhayiya
Portfolio: President
I just want all students to graduate and get jobs.  That means qualified and dedicated lecturing staff and a vibrant marketing team to promote our institution in the industry. My position allows me to be more objective and vigilant in leading the SRC

Name: Alrancho Page
Campus: Iqhayiya
Portfolio: Hostel and residence
I hope to bring forward any problems regarding res students also to promote a safe and proper home and to improve the general state of the hostels.  My goal is also to create an environment conducive to learning.

Student Timetable

Student Timetable

Counselling Services

Student counselling service is available to all students at all sites

Appointments can be made at the offices indicated.

Services offered include:

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Social
  • Academic related counselling and assistance
  • HIV testing counselling and support
  • Career guidance

Student Support Services

                                              Registrar: Student Support Services

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                                                  Mr Thomas Rademeyer



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