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Management (2)


Central Administration
 Position  Name of Employee


 Mr Leon Beech



 Vice-Principal:  Education and Training Services


 Vice-Principal:  Administration Service

 Mr Dorian Baartzes

 Vice-Principal:  Planning, Institutional Development

 Mrs Sandy Raubenheimer

 Registrar:  Academic

 Ms Rulaine Cunningham

 Registrar:  Student Support Services

 Mr Thomas Rademeyer

 Registrar:  Planning, Research and Industry Partnerships

 Ms Therina Pienaar

 Registrar:  Institutional Development and Seta Partnerships

 Mr Brian Mackenzie

 Assistant Director:  Supply Chain Management

 Mrs Ncumisa Molapo

 Assistant Director:  Human Resources

 Mrs Rienie Steffens

 Assistant Director:  Finance

 Mr Vernon Abrahams

Russell Road

 Russell Road Campus: School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism
 Position  Name of Employee

 Head of Department: School of Business

 Mr Sarel Vos

 Head of Department: School of Hospitality and Tourism

 Mrs Sonja Spies


Iqhayiya Campus: School of Engineering
 Position  Name of Employee

 Campus Head

 Mr Clifford Jonas

 Head of Department:  Engineering and Related Design

 Mr Chris van der Merwe

 Head of Department:   Civil Engineering and Building Construction

 Mr Hannes de Beer

 Head of Department:  Electrical Infrastructure Construction

 Mr Graham Blaauw

 Head of Department:  Occupational School

 Mr Graham Blaauw


 Dower Campus: School of Business
 Position  Name of Employee

 Campus Head

 Mr Simphiwe Xalipi

 Head of Department:  School of Business

 Ms Winnie Kiewiets

 Head of Department:  Occupational School

 Mr Julien Sefier


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