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National Diploma: Interior Decorating

Thank you for considering Port Elizabeth College as you embark on your chosen Interior Decorating Career.

The Interior Decorating Course falls within the scope of the Department of Higher Education and Training, within the FET sector. It is a post matric course, and you will have to provide evidence of your National Senior Certificate on registration. A further requirement will be an entrance test, which we  require you to write on application for registration.

The Interior Decorating course is made up of 3 semesters- N4, 5 and N6 which is 1 semester each. Learners attend classes every day on a full time basis. After 18 months of full time study, you will receive your National Certificates in N4, N5 and N6 respectively.

After obtaining your N6 National Certificate, all learners wishing to apply for their National Diploma are required to work within the industry for a further 18 months. Completion of relevant documentation with employer verification is then submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training, who then issue the learner with their National Diploma in Interior Decorating. A total of 3 years (18 months full time study as prescribed above, as well as 18 months working in the industry) is required before the National Diploma can be issued.

The Interior Decorating Semesters are as follows:




Interior Decorating N4

  1. Introduction to Computers N4
  2. Surface Elements N4
  3. Interior Principles N4
  4. Interior Styles and Studies N4
  5. Spatial Planning N4
  1. Entry Level Computer skills
  2. Specifications of all surfaces – Flooring, worktops, wall and ceiling treatments etc.
  3. Design principles and elements
  4. The History of Architecture and Interiors – Ancient Egypt to the Early Renaissance Period
  5. Theory and Drawing – Including Practical Assignments with briefs on Private Spaces – Childrens rooms, Main Bedroom, Bathrooms

Interior Decorating N5

  1. Computers N4
  2. Interior Styles and Studies N5
  3. Spatial Planning N5
  4. AutoCAD
  5. Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4
  1. Intermediate Level Computer Skills
  2. The History of Architecture and Interiors – Early Renaissance through to the Victorian Era.
  3. Theory and Drawing – Including Practical Assignments on Domestic Public Spaces – Living and Dining Rooms, Kitchens, Offices
  4. Basic Computer Rendering Skills
  5. Introduction to Basic Business Principles when starting your new venture.

Interior Decorating N6

  1. Computers N5
  2. Interior Styles and Studies N6
  3. Spatial Planning N6
  4. Accessories N5
  5. AutoCAD
  1. Advanced Computer Skills
  2. The History of 20th century architecture and interiors as well as art and furniture design.
  3. Theory and Drawing – Including Practical Assignments on Corporate Offices, and Hospitality – Restaurants etc.
  4. Accessories both functional and decorative– including raw material specifications
  5. Intermediate Computer Rendering


Career Opportunities

Apart from simply being an Interior Decorator in home decor eg, bedrooms, living and dining rooms etc, this course opens up exciting career opportunities in designing of:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Retail outlets
  • Corporate design
  • Hospitality design (Hotels, B&B's, Lodges etc.) 



Penny Theron

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