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Farewell to FOUR Russell Road Campus Staff Members


2017 brought an end to an era for four staff members of Port Elizabeth TVET College at the Russell Road Campus.  Altogether the years of service between Sonja Spies (HOD Utility studies) 25 years, Mariaan Breedt (Senior lecturer Languages) 28 years, Monde Mpinda (Senior lecturer Mathematics) 10 years and Lydia Fuller (Secretary Occupational School) 10 years calculated together is 73 years.

Lecturer Desire Fortune opened the grand affair with a prayer.

Principal Khaya Matiso who was introduced by programme director Mr David Velaphi (HOD Business Studies) was the first speaker of the night to wish the Four Staff members well on their retirement.  He said that they will have many wonderful things to do in this new chapter of their lives. ‘Some would dedicate their time to charity work while others will enjoy their grandchildren and others will travel the world ‘Mr. Matiso Said.  He wished all retirees everything of the best for their future.  Senior staff had the opportunity to sing their retirees praises on their departure from the institution.  Ms. Le Grange (Senior lecturer Hospitality) for Ms Spies, Ms Y Van Briesies (Senior lecturer Finance / Marketing) for Ms Fuller, Ms S Adonis  for Mr M Mpinda and Ms Denise Adams for Ms Breedt.

Ms Spies who was accompanied by her husband Piet Spies was the first speaker of the retirees to address the audience.  Ms Spies reminisced about her 25 years of service mentioning her progress from being a lecturer, to senior and now HOD. “‘My youngest child was only 6mths old when I started here & I also had to learn to juggle work with household challenges. I soon realized that this was the place that I wanted to spend the rest of my teaching days. After only 3 years I had grown more in my subject field than in the previous 16 years teaching in schools.’ Sonja said.  Of the many achievements accomplished under Sonja’s leadership the following stood out; The Ministerial award for curriculum innovation – prize of R60000 for PEC, and becoming a GO- GREEN enthusiast.

Mariaan Breedt served the institution for 28 years of which some was under difficult circumstances.  Mariaan at one stage opted with a post level 2 status to go back to the classroom.  Mariaan was once part of the PE College marketing department and had her fair share of working at several campuses.  Her final place as senior lecturer in languages was at Russell road campus, Mariaan was accompanied by her spouse.

Monde Mpinda is known as a real gentleman with a flair for a healthy life style which rubbed off on many other colleagues. Mr Mpinda who was accompanied by his son thanked the colleagues for motivating him to speak Afrikaans as he could not speak a word of it when he started here. Mr Mpinda left a short note for all after the 10 years dedicated to PEC “I never knew that I meant this much to you. Thank you PEC,Everything has its time. There is time to arrive, there is time to leave. There is time to meet, there is time to part. That time has finally arrived. Thank you for allowing me to be part of you”.

Lydia Fuller who dedicated 10 years of her life to Port Elizabeth College was accompanied by her sister to the farewell function. Lydia had the audience in stitches with her vibrant personality exclaiming that she has never spoken in front of an audience. She will miss the office and the work she has done in meeting and assisting so many people.  She will miss the friends that she has made at PEC but she will enjoy her retirement.

The message was clear as stated in the poem recited by Lecturer Natalie Roth dedicated to the fantastic four as they were now known as.

You’re soon to be fabulously “folks of leisure”, “your own Boss” so to speak, in a world of no alarm clocks.  Where it is Saturday all week.  May the carefree years ahead, be filled with fun and fascination as you enjoy each moment of your permanent vacation.  This is your day to celebrate, to feel proud of everything you have achieved, and to look forward to new challenges.  Now that you’re retiring, you’ll be missed…you’ll be remembered and you’ll be envied!  Congratulations and enjoy your retirement. Courtesy of the internet

A toast was proposed by Mr Gerrie Neveling RRC Factotum.  The vote of thanks was done by Campus Manager Ms K, Matikinca who thanked each individual for their contribution to the institution and especially Russell Road Campus.  She pointed out how each one played a special role in their positions at the College which will remain with her and the rest of the staff who is still in service.

A special vote of thanks goes out to PEC Principal Mr Matiso for attending the event and to all staff who attended and contributed to the event, even not attending.  Simunye Caterers for their scrumptious three course meal. To all involved in the décor, sound and photography.

The night continued with a lovely buffet supper, good music and good company.  Cameras were flashing to capture the night’s events as colleagues and friends enjoyed each other’s companies one last time.


”First of all, a very big thank you to all who have been involved in the organizing of this very special function. Thank you for honoring me & my colleagues in such a way. It really is much appreciated

I can’t believe that 27yrs have passed so quickly. There is so much that has happened over the years and so much that I would like to share with you.
When I started as a part-time lecturer in 1991 I never thought that it would be the start of a long relationship with this institution. My youngest child was only 6mths old when I started here & I also had to learn to juggle work with household challenges. I soon realized that this was the place that I wanted to spend the rest of my teaching days. After only 3 years I had grown more in my subject field than in the previous 16 years teaching in schools. After about a year & a half I was appointed in a permanent capacity and became more involved in the Utility studies Division under the very capable leadership of Ms Du Bois. I was soon teaching subjects in all the departments except art & hairdressing, namely:
Ø Hospitality Services
Ø Interior Decorating
Ø Cosmetoloy
Ø Educare
At this stage our staff contingent was very small (8-10) and I really enjoyed being involved in all the departments. This gave me a very good grounding for my later appointments as senior & HOD. Our staff rooms were never larger than an office. At break times we would sit like roosting chickens all in a row eating our lunch packs. The only remaining staff member who was also part of Utility Studies in those days is Kosie de Klerk. Thank you Kosie for the many years that we could be colleagues. Sorry to have to hand over the baton for you to carry on with till you retire. 
Becoming senior lecturer in 1996 brought new challenges & responsibilities:
1. Building Industry links across the Eastern Cape 
2. Placement of N5 Hospitality students for In-service training
3. Becoming involved at a National level – curriculum issues & setting of exam papers 
4. Upgrading practical facilities
5. Marketing Hospitality Studies – available to do functions as practical events for the N6 students. We would be booked for every weekend of the year except college holidays & long weekends
Overseas tour groups 
6. Working hours changed - Had to work till 16:00 every day
7. Managing post level 1 staff
8. A new program, Tourism was implemented in 2000 & a Travel Agency established

When Ms Du Bois decided to go on early retirement at the end of 2005, I succeeded her as the new HOD. With this position, again came new responsibilities:

1. Managing 6 different departments across 3 campuses
2. Managing the re-capitalization process of Victoria site
3. Seeing to the repetitive movement of programmes to different sites
4. Implementation of the NCV programmes
5. Phasing out of NATED & the re-implementation of these programmes a few years later
6. Attending a multitude of meetings
7. Division grew from 250 to 750 students
8. Employing new staff – PL1 & PL2
9. Managing a growing staff contingent
10. Decision to either stay with DOE or move to PE College
11. Later came migration from College to DHET
12. Moderation responsibilities increased
13. Move to have 2 different divisions at RRC
1. Discontinuation of programmes with a high SKILLS component
2. Student unrest & poor attendance
3. IQMS problems that existed for many years
1. The revamping of the training kitchen in room 143
2. Managing the RRC choir on a visit to Denmark
3. Visits to Colleges & training institutions in Germany
4. The Ministerial award for curriculum innovation – prize of R60000 for PEC
5. The opening of the Victoria Deli & establishment of the travel agency
6. Students achieving success after College
7. Acquiring Bursaries for needy students
8. Staff improving their qualifications & skills
9. Staff appointed to compile the National ISATS for Hospitality Studies
10. Staff appointed to perform National duties for DHET & UMALUSI
11. Upgrading of facilities at RRC
12. Establishment of a 2nd training kitchen
13. Becoming a GO GREEN enthusiast
14. Involvement in the Catering for VIPs during the Cricket WORLD CUP, the ADDO ROSE show & other very special events
1. A big thank you to my husband Piet who supported me all through my career and allowed me to FLY during my 27yrs at PEC. Also to my children, thanks for allowing me to be a working MOM.
2. Ms Du Bois my predecessor
3. Various Principals, Vic-Principals, Registrars, Campus Heads,HODs, senior lecturers & support staff
4. My staff in Utility Studies & staff in Business studies
5. I thank the Lord for allowing me to have played a role in all of your lives – I am truly BLESSED”








Graduation 2017

IMG 4612

PEC Management with Lelethu "PoeticSoul" Mahambehlala -as the 2017 Graduation Guest Speaker leaving stage while the graduates applauded, begging for more of her powerful words. 

Congratulations to all 2017 PEC Graduates!!!

PE TVET College hosted its annual graduation Ceremony at Nangoza Jebe Hall. It was an exciting, joyful, emotional and successful day to remember for all those who have worked very hard.

Cameras were snapping, proud parents came in numbers to honour their sons, daughters and grandchildren.

For more pictures click on gallery    

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