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School Of Business

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School Of Business

The Business Studies programs provide a wide range of opportunities for students wanting to enter into the working world. It is important that students not only be trained in a course as competent employees, but also be developed into business owners to create further employment in the country.

The National Certificate (Vocational) qualification offered at levels 2, 3, and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is aimed at training students both theoretically and practically in a particular vocational field. There are currently six Business Studies programs offered at two of our sites at the College.

The six programs are Management, Office Administration, Marketing, Finance Economics and Accounting, Information Technology and Computer Science and Safety in Society Dower Campus

 Dower Campus

This Vocational program is one of the high Skills, High quality knowledge programs offered at PE College. This program is intended to directly respond to the priority skills demand in the modern economy. The subjects covered in this program allow the student to enter in various field of employment.
If you want to become a private secretary or work in reception, this is the program for you.  A simulated centre at the college provides learners with a practical working experience allowing students to have a real life experience of the industry.
Intensive physical training forms part of this program as it is practiced on an onsite obstacle course.
The campus boasts a simulated judicial court with complete witness stand, bench for judge and all the other components that make up a courtroom. Students following this career path could join the South African Police Service, Security Service, Security and Surveillance, Private Security, Community Policing, Metro Policing, National Intelligence, Legal Assistance, South African National Defence Force, Immigration and Customs, Civil and Human Rights related work, Criminal Justice work and matters related to advocacy of the South African Constitution

 Russell Road Campus

This is a very exciting dynamic and stimulating career choice. Marketing is the core driver in attracting clients and therefore, fundamental to the success of any business. A student enrolling for this course should be motivated and flexible innovative and resourceful.
Learners need a business or financial background to be able to cope with the content of this program. The holder of this National Certificate will be able to perform book keeping duties keep records of wages salaries, petty cash, value added tax and reconciliations; prepare financial statements manage budgets and analyze finances of a business.
This program has an extremely high demand for specialist in this field. The program involves testing programs and software applications; writing computer programs installing network cables for computer systems and processing computer data. Career opportunities on this field are computer programming, information Technology Management, computer Systems Engineering and Data Processing.

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