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Student Residence Application and Cancellation

Student Residence Application and Cancellation2020-08-28T17:11:08+02:00

Student Residence Application and Cancellation

The residences are a home away from home where an environment conducive to learning is cultivated. Residences aim to create a healthy and learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds can co-exist and enjoy basic rights.  To be admitted to the residence, a student must comply with all the college admission requirements as stipulated in the PE College Code of conduct

Admission and Re-admission to residence

  • Residence shall be reserved for all students who comply with all requirements for admission to PE College
  • Applications for admissions and re-admission shall be considered on a trimester, semester and annual basis. All students including those who have boarded in residence during the previous year, who wish to be re-admitted to residences, must apply in the prescribed manner.
  • A student shall only be re-admitted if their account has been fully settled. Under no circumstances will space be reserved for an applicant with outstanding fees.

Application for admission to a residence from a student who is being admitted for the first time and re-admission applications for students, who were in residence the previous year, shall be submitted on a separate form.

Admission Criteria

1. Academic performance
First year applicants shall be admitted on the basis of their average score as applied by Academic Admissions. To be re-admitted to residence senior applicants must have passed a specific number of subjects as prescribed by the college and bursars.

2. Distance
Priority shall be given to applicants residing outside of the Nelson Mandela Metro pole if the demand exceeds the availability of residence accommodation. Applicants residing within the Metro pole shall be considered if they are within the following categories

Disability applicants with disabilities residing within the Metro pole may request in writing to the Student Support Services Registrar to be exempted from the distance criterion, who will in turn inform Vice-Principal Education and Training Services.

Living Conditions applicants residing within the Metro pole experiencing unbearable living and learning conditions may request in writing to the Student Support Services Registrar to be exempted from the distance criterion. Such a request must be accompanied by documentation supporting the state of the applicants living environment.

  • Conduct for re-admission applications previous residence conduct and disciplinary records shall be considered for residence selection. In this case, upon recommendation by the Hostel Superintendent, the applicant may be denied further residential privileges.
  • Age special consideration shall be given to minor applicants between the ages of 17 to 20 years if the demand for residence accommodation exceeds the availability of space.


  • Residence registration shall take place only after a student has been academically registered and meets the financial criteria in Paragraph 4.
  • Registration shall not be possible before the required initial payment is made.
  • The Hostel Superintendent shall be responsible for catering data and registering a student on the system.

 Registration Procedure

  • Applicants shall pay the initial payment and deposit the amount using the College bank account number
  • Applicant submits confirmation letter and proof of payment at registration point.
  • Hostel Superintendent checks financial status, removes block and registers applicant on system.
  • Student card is stamped with name of residence as proof of registration in residence.
  • Resident is issued with key and rules and regulations booklet as well as inventory form to complete.


Residents who wish to cancel his/her accommodation shall be required to provide a minimum of three weeks’ notice of departure from the residences. Residents shall be liable for accommodation fees for the full month in which the cancellation took place irrespective of the date of cancellation.

  • A course cancellation shall not automatically serve as a residence cancellation.
  • If a student causes damage to PE College property this shall be charged against the students breakage deposit or in cases where they exceed the deposit, it will be charged against the students account.

Cancellation Procedure
1.    Residents must notify Hostel Superintendent of their intention to cancel three weeks prior to departure.
2.    A cancellation form inclusive of an inventory, claim and checkout form must be completed and submitted to the Residence Office.
3.    Residents shall be given 24 hours to vacate the room and return keys to the relevant officer once the cancellation date comes into effect.
4.    Residence cancellation is performed on system to update account.


  • Students living in the hostels are not allowed to heat, cook or prepare food in their rooms.

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