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Short Courses

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Short Courses


Port Elizabeth College offers further study opportunities in the form of part-time courses to enhance qualifications and keep in touch with advancing technology and development.

Venues where practical courses are conducted are fully equipped with the relevant tools and equipment to be able to carry out the practical tasks. One learner per workstation is recommended for optimal use and functioning. A minimum amount of learners are required for the commencement of these courses, as they are quite expensive to offer to below the recommended quorum.

Who are these courses for?

For learners who have just completed their level 4 NCV programme and want to further their studies. This furthers their chances of being employed in better paying positions in the industry. Anyone of the general public wanting to further their studies on a part-time basis, due to work commitments or full-time study obligations can enrol for these courses.


The following must accompany your application:

  • Proof of results
  • ID Document
  • Registration fees

Practical Courses 



Welding Practical 1 (Arc) 5 weeks
Welding Practical 2 (Gas) 5 weeks
Electrical Practical 5 weeks
PLC Practical 10 weeks
AUTOCAD 10 weeks
Installation Rules (Wire Mans License) 11 weeks
Basic Hand Skills 10 weeks
Electronic Practical 1 10 weeks
Electronic Practical 2 5 weeks
Hydraulics Practical 1 5 weeks
Pneumatics Practical 1 5 weeks
Pneumatics Practical 2 5 weeks
CNC Lathe 5 weeks
Motor (know your car) 5 weeks
 Basic Bricklaying 10 weeks
 Electrical (House Wiring) 10 weeks
 Electrical (Basic Motor & Starter) 10 weeks
 Electrical (Advanced Motor & Starter) 10 weeks
 Electrical Trade Test Preparation 10 weeks

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