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Entry to Examinations

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Entry to Examinations

NC (V) candidates must meet the following sub-minimums per subject for admission to the February supplementary examinations:

  • Vocational subjects: 45-49%
  • Life Orientation and English First Additional Language: 35-39%
  • Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy: 25-29%

Candidates who do not meet the above sub-minimums for entry to the supplementary examinations or fail any of their subjects in the supplementary examinations will have to repeat the subject on the particular level in the next academic year. This will be applicable from the November 2012 examinations and the supplementary examinations conducted at the start of 2013.

Achievement of Icass sub-minimum for entry to written examination
The NC(V) policy requirement of achieving at least 50% in the internal assessment (i.e. ICASS) and the external assessment (ISAT and written examination) components respectively in the vocational subjects will be strictly enforced in the resulting and certification process.

The implication of this is that a candidate who has not attempted ICASS tasks at all or who has failed this internal assessment component by achieving less than 50% will not be allowed to write the examination. The sub minimum for ICASS for Life Orientation and the First Additional Language is 40% and for Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy is 30% implementation date November 2012. To qualify for exam entry outstanding fees must be settled in full, or arrangements made in advance, before a student may sit for his/her examination.

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